Monday, August 22, 2011

Packaging design - JO DIKHTA HAI WOH BIKTA HAI

Dear friends and students here few of my packaging design work which I did for few of my Indian and International Client. While designing a package for any product, you have to concentrate on few things like:
*The packaging is literally the product identity.
*Packaging design has the primary goal to attract customers’ attention.
For this purpose, package designs cannot simply inform the customers, but also provoke feelings and communicate emotions. An effective packaging looks attractive, impresses with its creativity and is just nice to have on the shelf.
*Concentrate more on formulas like keep it simple and straight, Focus on typography, Branding and Positioning, Think Green, Hold the Consumer’s Attention, Consider it an Investment, Protect your product
Last but not the list, would like to quote a saying in Hindi language
JO DIKHTA HAI WOH BIKTA HAI which literally in English means, 'that which is seen is sold'...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

If you ask me if I'll leave you? "MY ANSWER IS NO"

It was a routine day. I was doing my work. Just then I received an SMS on my international number from my Indian friend Vijay solanki.

Itwas a pleasant surprise as I don't receive any SMSes on my international number from anywhere!

The hindi message read:
Kagaz ki kasti thi, pani ka kinara tha,
khelne ki masti, dil aawara tha,
kaha aa gaye ye samazdari ke daldal me,
woh nanha bachpan hi kitna pyara tha!
This message triggered a thought and the result is this picture. Every body surely misses the innocent childhood years. The care-free days when even sailing a paper boat was thrilling. The paper boat was just not a toy, but a friend who taught us the emotions of life. The highs and lows, the attachment, every single element added to the experience. But as life grew upon us, the toy friend is forgotten!
Haathon Mein Thi Ek Kaagaz Ki Naav
Kaisi Thi Dosti Kaisa Tha Pyaar
Paani Ki Lehron Par Thi Savar
Rakhti Dosti Tab Bhi Barkarar...
Aagey Badhneka Chalta Raha Safar
Hum Bhi Chaltey Rahey Raahon Mein Magar
Beh Gaye Rishton Ke Wo Bhaav
Jaane Kahan Kho Gayi Meri Kaagaz Ki Naav...
Therefore, I want to tell you my friends, family and students who have always been my friends....
If you ask me if I'll leave you,
My answer is No!!!

I am more than fortunate to have had so many wonderful friends. They don't only inspire me but mold my thoughts and encourage me to pursue challenging tasks. I owe my success to friends for their wishes as much as I owe it to God's blessings. God leaves you alone on this planet to live, survive and touch lives, but friend, stays with you lives with you make your lives cherish-able.

Thank you Friends!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Team India's Victory.....Team india tribute this world cup to INDIAN NATION and real hero of cricket world Sachin tendulkar

Today India won a world cup,WHAT A MATCH, WHAT A WONDERFUL MOVEMENT FOR AN EVRY INDIAN, no words for the explanation just with the help of my art want to share with you this wonderful movement, CONGRATULATIONS TO TEAM INDIA, CONGRATULATIONS TO ENTIRE NATION, And the real HERO one and only SACHIN TENDULKAR. Realistic portrait art.(water/pencil colour, ink)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Handle me with care, I'm a Limited Edition!!
subah ki nayi kiran ek nayi khushi layegi, Zindagi jine ka naya ehsaas dilwayegi, jago aur usha ke iss samandar me kho jaooo.. kal ka kya patah aaj khushi se Jhoom kar gaao.. yeh nayi kiran aapno ka sath de, Zindagi jine ka naya andaz de,, badho aage badhte jaao usha ke samandar me behte jaao... subah ki nayi kiran ek nayi khushi layegi, satya hai hakikat hai Zindagi jine ka naya ehsaas dilwayegi.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Independence Day Readers: Ghana Is 54 Years Today

Reaching the Star, is having the freedom to be creative and working very hard towards reaching your goal.
There might be hard times – RED
There might be slow times – YELLOW
But there would surely be very good times GREEN

Monday, February 14, 2011

Melcom-Valentine Window Display-2011 Ghana,West Africa

Love, definitely is an art and art glorifies love!

Art has always been a fascination for me. Be it painting, music, drama or any attractive vibrant creation. I get pulled into it. Thus writing for Rajesh Nakar- Visual Merchandiser, Interior Designer, Artist and a personal inspiration, also for whom I earlier wrote Aberrant is indeed a pleasure.

Currently in Ghana, West Africa, and lending his services to Melcom , a No. 1 departmental store having more than 15000 products under one roof, Rajesh has come up with yet another pleasing window display for Melcom's Kaneshie branch (Melcom plus)that has instantly evoked a brand image for the company. Brand image is always unique and one that sets them apart from competitors and ignites a positive vibes among the customers.
‘Pamper Your Valentine’, thus seem to be clearly fitting the bill. With the able inputs from Marketing head, Raja and his own creative flow, this concept seems apt for the upcoming Valentine’s Day! When I asked him online, how did he conceptualize the whole thing? How did he manage to express it so easily and in a simple, non-congested way? He said,
“The answer is ‘simplicity’ itself”. I always use one formula for any creation of mine, and that is KISS formula.”KEEP IT SIMPLE AND STRAIGHT”. He continued, “We as humans are always attracted towards beauty. Add simplicity and soothing colours to it & you have your job done. Also, having no restrictions and a clear thought from the department, led me work beautifully”.
As we can see, he clearly has worked wonders. Red, according to me, conjures well on different emotions like love, poetry, beauty and passion. This display has no other colour as magnificent as Red. Thus, the concept of only using red to express love with poetic affection, ‘Pamper Your Valentine’ for your dear girlfriend/wife is simply impressive.
The line ‘Pamper Your Valentine’ against red background convey it best - the message of "I love you"- and for me speaks loud of the care and passionate love that we have for loved ones. Having seen this, I strongly believe that every body’s search for an ultimate surprise this coming season of love should end at this beautiful store. Or May I say the quest for the best, and most enchanting gift begin from this glorifying art work.
Love, definitely is an art and art glorifies love!

Content writer, Art critic.
Rajesh Rajgor (India)