Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Colored Pencil Portrait (Realistic Art) :

Here is my recent REALISTIC PORTRAIT that may inspire you to say...LETS DO SOMTHING LIKE THIS.
Soooo, What you are waiting for???? LETS START..
There is no one way to do things, particularly RIGHT....but you can find the way that’s RIGHT for you.
Remember don’t be afraid to EXPERIMENT with any painting you decide to make.
I’ve been asked many times from my students and clients “Sir how can you sketch so realistic?”
And my answer is always:
" PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and did I forget to mention PRACTICE?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

MAA KHODIYAR painting by me- oil on canvas

This is India’s first ever painting of MAA KHODIYAR in sitting position.
and through MAA KHODIYARS blessings I am the luckiest person in this world who got a chance too paint this concept.
while designing this painting my idea/concept or belief is only that wherever this paining/photograph rich directly or indirectly, MAA KHODIYAR will sit in that place permanently.

The right hand in this painting raised for blessing symbolizes her generosity.
MAA KHODIYAR rules over day and night. She rules over land and water. She rules over mind and heart. She chose a crocodile as her vehicle as I showed in my painting.

Her relation to her bhakts can only be compared by a mother caring for her children.
Words fall short of competence to illustrate the divinity and prowess of MAA KHODIYAR.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Colored Pencil Portrait (Realistic Art) :

I used photo reference for this particular portrait, I just quickly sketched out the simple outline of the face right onto the Handmade colored green paper, I didn't need to do a lot of erasures, since the face was made up from reference image.
Two main things to remember with colored pencil is layering, and starting out with light tones. Also, have a sharp pencil tip at all times.
Lightly and carefully, start laying down the general tones of the portrait. Start with light tones first. Do not get messy, or make large, loose strokes. Keep your pencil sharp, and let the tip glide over the surface of the paper. Do not dig down and lay a dark, rich tone yet. It's too soon for that.
When you have drawn and rendered the majority of the face's lighter and more subtle tones, start to lay down the darker, richer and more saturated areas of the portrait (for instance, dark hair, red lips, bright colored or dark colored clothing, darkest shadows of the face, etc.). To get these colors sufficiently rich and saturated, gradually begin to bear down harder with your colored pencils, making stronger and darker pencil strokes. These strong lines are the most difficult to erase, which is why you should wait until you are almost finished with the portrait to put them in.

Some basic things to remember when drawing in colored pencil:- Keep your pencils sharp most of the time!
- Start drawing lightly, and carefully. Don't start laying down dark, rich colors right away.
- Keep the paper surface clean. Don't let any colored pencil "crumbs" stick to the drawing surface Carefully brush them away, before they smear or streak on the drawing.
- Use a kneaded rubber eraser to lighten up or erase areas. Don't use the same eraser that you use for graphite or charcoal, however. Have special kneaded rubber eraser set aside for your colored pencil work.
- Final goal of your portrait is, make it more realistic.