Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Art installation "KYA POPAT BANAYA" at Hindustan times KALA GHODA ART FESTIVAL 2014.

The political scenario in the country currently seems like a collage of various images. These images are depiction of the battles we see around to gain political advantage and is constantly moving and changing. These moving images are none other than that of 'acquiring throne' and putting our weight around to gain momentum in clash of power. People who perceives the power to be theirs are more often than once fooled to believe so. However, the conscious effort to vote and change this time around will make the parties and politicians feel so otherwise. “KYA POPAT BANAYA” is a satire where everyone thinks the other is a fool. It is perhaps the throne that has all power and this everybody from a kid to a CEO cannot deny.

We will witness a significant momentum in the next election as people are aware of the reality. This installation “KYA POPAT BANAYA” intends to remind people of the same fact before voting.