Saturday, October 30, 2010

MAA KHODIYAR painting by me- oil on canvas

This is India’s first ever painting of MAA KHODIYAR in sitting position.
and through MAA KHODIYARS blessings I am the luckiest person in this world who got a chance too paint this concept.
while designing this painting my idea/concept or belief is only that wherever this paining/photograph rich directly or indirectly, MAA KHODIYAR will sit in that place permanently.

The right hand in this painting raised for blessing symbolizes her generosity.
MAA KHODIYAR rules over day and night. She rules over land and water. She rules over mind and heart. She chose a crocodile as her vehicle as I showed in my painting.

Her relation to her bhakts can only be compared by a mother caring for her children.
Words fall short of competence to illustrate the divinity and prowess of MAA KHODIYAR.