Sunday, July 26, 2009


The Remarkable Cloth Store
How would you imagine a cloth store? One designed keeping in mind the general trend in market, with glossy lighting, polished furniture, stiff wiring, sleekly maintained tiles and jubilant wall color. Or, one with black tank designed to use as furniture, with inflexible wiring, cemented flooring, wired rugged bike and dark color graffiti walls?
Religiously you would opt out for, the first one as it is the one most common in market. But hey hold on and think again, is this what interior designing is all about? No, the art of visual merchandising is not at its best until you think out of the box. This what reflects in Aberrant designed by Rajesh Nakar.
Stupendously designed and executed, this fashion garage is unique amongst the existing cloth boutiques. The plus point of Aberrant obviously is the craggy look which appeals to one and all. In addition is the wired bike, hand painted wall with mixture of vibrant colors, which gives a trendy look to the wall art, and the right usage of lighting.
Easily attracted to all fashion followers, this store is for all-masses and classes. You just can’t stop yourself entering in the store if you are a by passer. Cloths meant for teenage fashion lovers, has it all with extensive variation in material and pattern.
So come and fall in love with this ecstatic journey of modern interior designing, which has its own mouth to speak to the world that I am different!
Content Writer-Rajesh Rajgor


  1. Hi Rajesh...I just loved your's vibrant colours and at the same time it's simplicity...very nice...:)