Thursday, June 16, 2011

If you ask me if I'll leave you? "MY ANSWER IS NO"

It was a routine day. I was doing my work. Just then I received an SMS on my international number from my Indian friend Vijay solanki.

Itwas a pleasant surprise as I don't receive any SMSes on my international number from anywhere!

The hindi message read:
Kagaz ki kasti thi, pani ka kinara tha,
khelne ki masti, dil aawara tha,
kaha aa gaye ye samazdari ke daldal me,
woh nanha bachpan hi kitna pyara tha!
This message triggered a thought and the result is this picture. Every body surely misses the innocent childhood years. The care-free days when even sailing a paper boat was thrilling. The paper boat was just not a toy, but a friend who taught us the emotions of life. The highs and lows, the attachment, every single element added to the experience. But as life grew upon us, the toy friend is forgotten!
Haathon Mein Thi Ek Kaagaz Ki Naav
Kaisi Thi Dosti Kaisa Tha Pyaar
Paani Ki Lehron Par Thi Savar
Rakhti Dosti Tab Bhi Barkarar...
Aagey Badhneka Chalta Raha Safar
Hum Bhi Chaltey Rahey Raahon Mein Magar
Beh Gaye Rishton Ke Wo Bhaav
Jaane Kahan Kho Gayi Meri Kaagaz Ki Naav...
Therefore, I want to tell you my friends, family and students who have always been my friends....
If you ask me if I'll leave you,
My answer is No!!!

I am more than fortunate to have had so many wonderful friends. They don't only inspire me but mold my thoughts and encourage me to pursue challenging tasks. I owe my success to friends for their wishes as much as I owe it to God's blessings. God leaves you alone on this planet to live, survive and touch lives, but friend, stays with you lives with you make your lives cherish-able.

Thank you Friends!