Sunday, June 29, 2014

HOLY FIG TREE - Abstract art by Rajesh nakar

HOLY FIG TREE by Rajesh Nakar : Silver Leafing, Gold Leafing on Canvas.

This abstract art is Displayed at ART FUSION SHOW 2014 
 Art Inspiration:
 “HOLY FIG TREE” (The Akshvatth Peepal) this Abstract art is inspired from the Shrimad Bhagvat Geeta’s chapter 15th’s (PURUSHOTTAMA YOG) Sloka 1 to 4, Holy fig tree whose roots are above, branches are down and whose leaves are the Holy Ved scriptures, that imperishable tree is described by the knower of the holy Ved, The Branches nurtured by the gun and the five sense objects being its tendril spread downward and upward. And the roots which bind the soul by the fruitful actions are outspreading in the world.its form is not perceived here as such, NEITHER ITS END, NOR ITS ORIGIN, NOR ITS FOUNDATION, NOR ITS RESTING-PLACE, having cut asunder this firm-rooted AKSHVATTH PEEPAL TREE with the strong axe of non-attachment. ONE SHOULD, THEN, WISH AND DESIRE for the SUPREME ABODE after reaching where no one returns by saying " I TAKE REFUGE IN THE SUPREME PRIMORDIAL PERSONALITY WHO HAS ORIGINATED THIS PRIMEVAL CREATION"

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